Royal Oaks Tree Service Franklin

Tree Spraying to Control Insects

Certified arborists can put spray on your trees to control pests and keep them away from your beloved trees. Some homeowners have their trees injected with trunk and soil formula as well. 

Spraying can be helpful for the health of your trees, but they have to be done correctly, or they can damage your tree even more. It is best to leave the job to a certified arborist who has a deep understanding of spraying and the right approach to it.

Preventive Tree Spray

Preventive tree spraying is performed by a certified arborist in an attempt to keep your tree away from any disease or pest infestation.

Curative Tree Spray

If the tree is already infested with pests, a certified arborist can do therapeutic tree spray on your tree. Curative tree spray is useful in stopping pests from deteriorating your tree completely. 

Phenological Indicators and Growing Degree Days are two leading indicators to find out whether insect pests will be active.

Royal Oaks Tree Service Franklin can efficiently remove every tree stump you have in your yard, no matter the size and age. Stumps can be hazardous and a nuisance to your yard, which is why it is highly recommended to have it removed by a professional. Once we are done grinding your stump down to the ground, you can begin replanting on the area and maximize the space.