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Who is an Arborist?

An arborist, also known as a tree doctor is an expert in the field of arboriculture, including tree management, cultivation, and study of trees of all types. Most certified arborists focus on managing landscape trees than those trees in forested areas. 

Certified arborists have comprehensive knowledge about every aspect of tree care, such as tree trimming/ pruning, treatment, bracing and cabling, as well as tree removal. You can ask them questions about tree care such as when to best prune your trees and what approach to use. These professionals can provide you with expert advice regarding the health and appearance of your tree. If you have a tree that’s infested with pests, they can give the proper treatment to control the situation. They are the right people to call if you have questions, no matter how hard or simple, about the overall health of your tree. 

A certified arborist cares not only about one tree but considers your entire landscape in the picture. They are well-versed in the process of keeping your trees safe from diseases and pest infestation. Their goal is to promote health and better structure on trees, using the appropriate approach approved by tree authorities.

Arborists and what they do

Most property buyers consider a house with a mature tree when purchasing a new residence. Trees offer shade on a hot summer day and a beautiful scene in the spring. Trees are a sight to behold, primarily when they are properly maintained. Beautiful, mature trees add drama to your yard and make your property even more beautiful than it already is. You may be thinking of planting more trees in your yard, but you don’t know how to do it correctly. A certified arborist is who you need to get started. 

Certified arborists are knowledgeable in everything that involves tree. They understand the needs of trees, which is why they can provide the right care and treatment for your trees. The goal of every arborist is to keep a tree healthy. However, there are times when tree removal is necessary. In this situation, you can be assured that they have the skills to eliminate that dead tree in your backyard. Tree removal comes with risks and dangers, but an arborist is ready to face them because he has years of experience in the field to help him. Even in times of emergencies, an arborist can make the situation lighter by responding promptly and offering efficient tree removal service. Further, they can provide counseling regarding the right treatment necessary for the overall welfare of your tree. 

    It is imperative for arborists to undergo exams and training to keep themselves always in the know. They should have experience in the field and are accredited by authorities in the tree industry as proof of their skills and commitment in the job. A Certified Arborist in the US needs to have a minimum of three years of practical experience to be qualified. An arborist does not only learn from the books but more importantly, from hands-on experience. 

    Just like in any other jobs, a certified arborist should come prepared whenever there’s a need to perform tree service. An arborist wears personal protective gears to keep himself safe from the equipment he needs to use for the task. He has climbed caps, safety ropes, cutting machine, such as chainsaws, and tree securing tools. A certified arborist knows that safety should not be compromised in any tree service, which is why he uses the right equipment all the time. Arborists keep their tools in top condition as part of their commitment to providing efficient and safe tree care. 

    Certified arborists are the right people to call when you have concerns regarding the health of your tree. These experts have the proper credentials and skills to make each tree work, safe and easy task. Be wary of people claiming that they are certified arborists when they are not. Make a habit of asking questions and looking for proof of their work for your safety.